Team Building Ideas

Team Building does not have to be boring or full of corporate jargon; a lot can be learned of each other and a team when sitting face to face across a poker table such as:

  • Strategy
  • Body language
  • Negotiating

These are just some of the learning benefits of thinking outside of the box when building your team’s internal and external communication skills.  And what’s more it is a whole heap of fun!

You don’t have to be a good poker player to win, it is far more about reading the reactions and body language of your opponents.  This can be the same in the business world.  Is it truth or is it bluffing? Learn the ‘tells’ of your team mates and form a stronger more understanding business relationship for the future.

Along with total support from our dedicated team, an Ace Nights Team Building event includes:

Use of our immaculate full size casino-quality poker tables

Highly trained and experienced Poker dealers

Casino-quality cards and chips

Use of our state of the art tournament software

A personalised winner’s trophy to be awarded at the end of play

Your host will keep the entertainment moving and make sure the whole team gets involved, regardless of their poker playing experience.

So don’t lock your staff in a room for 3 hours playing ‘trust games’.  Grab them a seat at an Ace Nights Poker Table and see the fun and friendly competition of our poker entertainment work its magic.