Bucks Party Ideas

Which of our three events will best suit the Buck?

Maybe he’d like to be boss of his very own casino? A great choice for Bucks Party’s, we provide casino quality tables along with croupiers that make sure everyone’s a winner. The Buck will hand out his own personalised “bucks cash” so all the boys can play in his casino. Ace Nights can help you create a Bucks Casino to suit your crowd!

Is it a Poker Tournament? This is an extremely popular choice for bucks party entertainment. Not only is it competitive, they  are also a lot of fun, as mates compete against each other to see who will win. We can put together a Poker Event that will keep the boys entertained with guaranteed good laughs, intense competition and the opportunity to celebrate the man of honour. And if you’re after female entertainment, head over to our friends at Risque Entertainment who would be happy to help you out.

bucks night Adelaide

After something unique? Does the Buck like his horse racing? Then this is the best send off for him! Ace Nights will bring you the sport of Kings with a race meeting all about the Buck. The boys receive personalised race guides with $12,000 to punt with our dodgy bookies at this exclusive event.

Lets discuss the options we have to make this a truly memorable bucks night. Give David a call on 0402 964 477 and we can start putting together a bloody good night!