Project Description

Work Christmas Party Ideas

Want to do something different this year for your office Christmas party? Sick of the same old work Christmas show? Then a fun casino party with Ace Nights will not only provide a unique and entertaining experience for your staff, but will leave them talking about the night long after it is over.

Why not bring the glamour of the Roaring 20s or the thrill of Las Vegas to your venue – whichever theme suits you, we will do everything required to bring fun and excitement to your event and make it one to remember.

How does a fun casino party work?

For example, hiring Ace Nights is like hiring a DJ or a band, you pay for our services and no real money is outlaid on the tables. Your guests all receive $2000 of fun money personalised with your image or logo which they exchange for chips at the tables. Throughout the three hours we ensure that everyone gets an equal amount of time at the tables. Lastly, at the end of the night the winner receives a trophy inscribed with your inscription.

In addition to total support from the dedicated Ace Nights team, we provide:

  3-hour casino show

  Casino-quality tables

  Professional croupiers

 Personalised fun money

  Winner’s trophy

In short all that’s needed to make your event a memorable one. Still need convincing? Then see what our past customers have to say about their Ace Night event.


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