Club fundraising

How Does a Horse Racing Night Work?

A racing night is an excellent option for sports and social clubs to use as a fundraising option for their club. Here’s a brief outline on how they work and what’s involved.

How do they work?

  • Have your guests dress up for a day at the races.
  • There will be four or six races all up and we will be showing footage of actual horse races.
  • Guests are each given $2000 per race to bet with.
  • They place a bet with the dodgy bookies on whichever horse or horses they think will win the race.
  • They will be given a ticket for each bet they make. Once all bets are placed the race is run.
  • At the end of each race the winning number is announced and if it's yours you take your winning ticket to the bookies.
  • The bookies will allocate you a Winners Cheque.
  • At the end of the night the person with the highest combined total of Winners Cheques is declared the night’s winner and awarded the trophy for Top Punter.

What’s included in a Horse Racing Night?

  • Authentic bookie boards and bags
  • Dodgy bookies
  • Races projected onto a big screen or through your venue screen
  • Fun money
  • Betting slips
  • Winners Cheques
  • Race programs
  • Winner’s trophy

How can I use this to fundraise?

  • Sell tickets to the event to cover the cost of using our services.
  • Sell Race Programs which we supply.
  • Seek sponsors for each of the races on your race program, there are 6 in all.
  • Hold a Calcutta for owning a horse in the race, there are 8 horses in all races.
  • Run sweepstakes on each race.
  • Make an event of the evening with ladies dressing up for fashions in the field with a prize for the most popular.

To book your horse racing night with Ace Nights head to our Contact Us page and send through your details. We will then contact you to go through what options will best suit your needs.