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Group of guys at Sammies bucks party in Adelaide
bucks night Adelaide
Bucks Party Ideas | Adelaide

Looking for ideas for a Bucks Party?  Or are you the best man and want to organise a night for the groom they won’t forget? Ace Nights is a great option for a Bucks Party, whether it’s the start to a big night out or the feature event itself.

At Ace Nights we supply everything you need to make your bucks party a memorable one. This includes deluxe full-size tables, professionally trained dealers and software to manage the event. And we can set up a Texas Hold’em style tournament at your home or at a venue of your choice. Just get the boys together and leave the rest to us.

Want to include some adult entertainment? Click here to view costs and inclusions.

How does it work?

Using Ace Nights for a Bucks Party is like hiring a DJ or a band. You pay for our services with no money being outlaid on the tables. Your guests all receive a set amount of chips at the start of the game. Throughout the tournament, time and blind limits are set and managed through the tournament program. At the end of the night the last man standing is declared the winner and receives a trophy inscribed with your inscription.

In addition to total support from our dedicated Ace Nights team, we provide:

Full size, casino-quality poker tables

Experienced poker dealers

Casino-quality cards and chips

Tournament software

Winner’s trophy

in fact, all that’s needed to stage a memorable night.

To book your Bucks Party with Ace Nights call us on 0402 964 477  or fill in your details on our Contact Us page. We will then call or email to discuss the best options for you. Poker Table Hire is also available.

“It was awesome, thanks for making it happen. Dealer was great and all very easy from our perspective.”

Pete – Johnnie’s Bux Party