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Big Wheel in Adelaide
Big Wheel at Stillwell Ford

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Big Wheel, also called a Chocolate Wheel or Money Wheel, is one of the fastest and most popular games to have at your fun casino party. Our Big Wheel is divided into 50 sections and is a statement piece at any event. And sections of the wheel can be customised with your company logo or an image of the birthday boy or girl to add an extra bonus to the game.

We also have a Wheel available in US Dollar denominations.

If you don’t know how to play Big Wheel don’t worry. Our casino-trained staff will go out of their way to explain how it works and ensure everyone gets a turn at this action-packed game.


  • The payout odds and maximum bets are displayed on the table.
  • You place your bet on any symbol or combination of symbols.
  • Once the bets have been placed the dealer will spin the wheel.
  • When the wheel stops the dealer will call the winning number or symbol and pay the winning bets.


  • The wheel is divided into sections with the odds displayed on the wheel and also on the table.
  • The odds range from even money to 50 to 1.

Big Wheel can be included as part of a casino party or Big Wheel hire is available for sports club nights, product launches and fundraising events. Remember we can also customise sections on the wheel to promote your product.

Ace Nights can provide a Big Wheel for entertainment at your corporate function or birthday party. Please Contact Us to make an enquiry or booking.